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How does Sherping work?

Welcome to Sherping

  • It’s NOT easy to START A TRIP,
  • It’s NOT easy to START A PROJECT.


Let’s HELP each other!

That’s it, so easy, so simple.

For free. Yes.

We will never charge for the register to the travelers or the sherpas. We put some advertising in order to pay the bills, and that’s it.

Enter and quit easily

The register is simple and fast, so you can start asking for help whatever it is what you need. In that way, to quit will be so easy and you will be able to delete all your profile whenever you want.

Types of help:

The traveler can ask for:

  • Tips for the next holidays
  • Guide from the next trip
  • A suggested itinerary
  • Special recommendations like Restaurants, Hotels, Beaches, Tours, Tattoo Studio, WHATEVER, be creative!

The Sherpa can ask for:

  • Follow and mention on Instagram
  • Likes and comments on Facebook
  • Share a Youtube Video on social media
  • Use affiliate links (Booking, AirBnB, Iati, N26…)
  • Share and recommend a Blog in social media.

A WIN – WIN for travelers with online projects.

Are you ready to improve your next trip or your online project?

Register for free HERE

Join us!

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